Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nothing says 'Wedding' like Wang.

Vera Wang

Sample Wedding Site

This is the hosting company I use for all weddings, events and portrait sessions.  Below is a sample so you can test the goods. I chose this wedding because it's one of my favs...and the bride's name is Katie.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A few days ago (before the snow/ice extravaganza) I decided to venture out to do some location scouting for outdoor sessions this spring.  I, as usual, got distracted with the horse and alpaca pastures.  You can't get a better perspective than fence line... particularly split-rail.  LOVE IT.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

US of A

To begin my long delayed blog, I decided to post a few of my favorite photographs from the cross country trip. Over the past fourteen months I saw some of the most beautiful places in the US and had the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. 
This is how I see the world...
Minnesota after a storm, October 2007

Badlands, SD, October 2007

Mount Rushmore, October 2007

Junk Cars, AZ (detail), December 2007

Junk Cars, AZ, December 2007

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, November 2007

Taos Pueblo, December 2007

Valley of Fire, March 2008

Zion National Park, October 2008

Red Rock Canyon in the Snow, December 2008

Austin, TX, December 2008